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Mission Statement
To provide dependable, professional and high quality
service for your plumbing needs.
Company Background
Renaud Plumbing has been servicing Houston and it surrounding areas
since 1949. A third generation company, Renaud Plumbing has diversified
itself in many different fields in the plumbing industry. We have taken pride
in our accomplishments in service, repair and remodeling work. Various
commercial projects have been a focus with the company as well, such as
restaurants, bakeries, salons, and industrial plant work. Our experience in
residential new construction has been our main stay. Apartments, town,
custom and track homes have long been an existing success with our
Our plumbers are state licensed and trained in the most current plumbing
practices. Renaud Plumbing is able to comply with industry standard
insurance requirements, including workers compensation and general
liability. Let us share with you our success and quality work in your
homebuilding future.